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Hometeam Draft

Some of you know that we had our pre-season home team draft on Thursday. Today, we’re unbelievably happy to welcome some new faces to the Cosmos, Pissahs, Nuts, and the fourth home team. Stay tuned: You’ll be seeing more of these ladies very soon.

The Space Brain of the Cosmonaughties has connected with four new voices:
Hard Core (Corey Dydzulis)
Kelli Cooper
She-Bear (Ursula Anderson)
Tears for Phearsome (Jessica Phearsome)

Into the Nuthouse, the Nutcrackers welcome:
EmNasty (Emily Coumbassa)
Lesli DuBose
Mandoline Slicer (Amanda Marino)
Pegasister (Stephanie Simard)

The Wicked Pissahs are decorating these ladies in bling and gold:
Call Me Mayhem (Lisa Pelletier)
Shock Tart (Gina Bernardo)
The Gun Show (Candy Saunders)
Truant (Haley Hamilton)

And the all-new 4th home team has brought in:
Boston Cream (Susan Schrader)
DeezNutz (Dianna Reed)
Della Kinetic (Michele Savery)
Fuzzta Rhymes (Meghan Stone)
Dolly Spartan (Hayley Ryan)
MC SlamHer (Joslyn Vendola)
Rainbow Crash (Roxane Velozo)

Congratulations, ladies! We can’t wait to see you on the track in 2013!

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