Boston Skyline Boston Derby Dames Boston's premier flat track roller derby. Founded 2005. A proud member of the WFTDA.

Boston vs arizona, Photo by Hispanic Attack

East Coast Derby Extravaganza!

We had so much fun at the 2013 East Coast Extravaganza, and thanks to the Philly Rollergirls, Houston Roller Derby, the Tampa Bay Derby Darlins, and the Carolina Hurticanes for a great weekend of roller derby. Three tough bouts, but Boston banded together and came out victorious in all of them. Missed out? Watch the bouts on

Final Scores:
Saturday: B Party 112 // Hurticanes 96
Saturday: Boston 179 // Houston 156
Sunday: Boston 197 // Tampa 128

Thanks to our fans who made the drive down and cheered their heads off for us, and to everyone watching on the live stream! Boston, Boston, pinch pinch pinch!

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