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Bout Recap: Home Team Championships

BDD’s 2013 Home Team season ended on December 14th, 2013 with two hard-fought bouts that determined the winner of the Golden Fez and the ranking of the third and fourth place teams. Despite a snowstorm outside, skaters turned up the heat with intense athletic competition inside Shriners Auditorium.


The first game was a battle for third place between the Wicked Pissahs and the Nutcrackers. It started off with a jammer chase: Pissah Bad Person chased lead jammer Crown Joules (Nutcracker Co-Captain) and forced her to call it off with only one point. This jam set the tone for most of the first half, with both teams earning roughly equal lead jammer percentage, and without developing a strong point differential. In the second jam, Maya Mangleyou was able to bring the Nuts score up to nine points, but The GunShow also put up four for the Pissahs. The third jam saw the Pissah’s jammer Truant sneak in three points to Dr Pepper Spray’s two for the Nuts, despite Pepper’s status as lead jammer.


The Pissahs began to take the lead from the Nutcrackers in the fifth jam, when The Gun Show brought them to 14 against the Nuts’ 11. Although the lead quickly reversed again just two jams later when Mangle put up 10 points for the Nuts during a power jam, she picked up a penalty just as the Nuts were gaining momentum and was sent to the box. This gave Truant a chance to rack up five more points for the Pissahs, ending the jam 25 to 23 Nuts. The very next jam saw The Gun Show return the lead to the Pissahs with the power jam she inherited from Truant, but Mangle stifled this momentum as soon as she was released from the box with tough jammer-on-jammer blocking.


In the 10th jam, the Nutcrackers earned lead jammer status, but Mangle was cleared out of bounds by Pissah Co-Captain Neurotic Tendency after only picking up two points during her scoring pass. In the meantime, Truant was able to sneak through and grab four points for the Pissahs. The Nuts earned lead jammer status again about halfway through the first period, which gave Dottie Danger the opportunity to put up five points while the Pissah jammer struggled with an aggressive wall of Nutrackers. Over the next two jams, Crown Joules and Dr Pepper Spray were able to build the Nuts’ lead, despite some really strong defense from Pissah blockers Neurotic, Maully O’ffender, and Stevie Nixher.


The Nutcrackers continued to build their momentum, but quickly found their jammer in the box. This gave Bad Person a power jam in the Wicked Pissahs’ favor, and she picked up 25 hard-earned points. The Pissahs took the lead that they would hang onto for the rest of the half.


The next few jams saw low scoring passes and strong teamwork from both teams. Pissah blockers Neurotic, Maully, Ubee Trounced (Co-Captain), Bad Person, Miss Mary Smack, and Rock of Shove all played impressive defense, shutting down several Nuts’ jammers in a row. But the Nuts fought back hard, and Mystic R.I.P.her, Badonkey Kong, Mandoline Slicer, and Farmer Geddon kept the Pissah jammers to a scoring minimum.


The Pissahs did pull away near the end of the half with a 33-point power jam for Stevie Nixher. But the Nuts built some momentum with a last-minute power jam for Mangle. Unfortunately for the Nuts fans, she was sent to the box and the power jam was handed over to the Pissahs’ Rough Ann Tumble. Knuckle Sammy was able to put up nine more points for the Pissahs in the final jam, ending the half 119 to 69.


The Nuts began closing the gap in the start the second half when Planitz Collide took the lead despite a strong Pissah wall. Offensive help from Badonkey Kong allowed Planitz to put up 15 points while the Nuts’ wall held back the Pissah jammer. Two jams later, the Nuts built even more momentum with a 25 point power jam for Mandoline Slicer that brought the score to just 125-113 in the Pissah’s favor. Mangle was able to sneak in some points for the Nuts without having lead jammer status on two separate occasions.


With the game now incredibly close at 125 to 122, the Pissahs earned lead jammer status seven jams in a row with Knuckle Sammy, The Gun Show, Bad Person, Blood Bath Bettie, and Rock of Shove all helping to solidify the lead. A mid-half power jam for The Gun Show (and after a star pass, Estrogeena Davis) racked up 30 points for the Pissahs. Blood Bath Bettie was then able to add 13 more points when she inherited the power jam. Despite strong Nutty defense and notable hard hits from Farmer Geddon, Planitz Collide, Dottie Danger, Badonkey Kong, and Nutcracker Co-Captain and MVP Belle Air Bomber, the Pissahs ended their run of seven leads with the score standing 181 to 126.


But the game wasn’t over yet, and the very next jam was the start of a Nutcracker comeback as Slicer put up 30 points on a power jam. Mangle quickly followed this with 14 more points for the Nuts. Another power jam for Slicer, and a star pass to Belle Air Bomber, brought the score to 181-178 Pissahs. Rock of Shove and Dr Pepper Spray each put up points to bring the score to 185-182 Pissahs. Mangle took the lead in the next jam, and with a single scoring pass took the lead for the Nuts while being chased down by Estrogeena Davis. When Mangle took the lead again in the next jam, and Pissah MVP Bad Person appeared trapped behind a wall of Dottie Danger, Em Nasty, and Planitz Collide, it looked likely to be a Nut victory with only minutes remaining on the clock. But Mangle was sent to the box, which gave Bad Person a chance to break free, with some offensive help from Ubee Trounced. Bad Person earned 25-points in the power jam, ending the game with a final score of 210-191 and a third-place victory for the Wicked Pissahs.


Coming into the championship bout, Shriners Auditorium was full of anticipation and excitement over a game that was certain to be history in the making. The team that took home the Golden Fez would be taking it for the first time. The Cosmonaughties, who had been thwarted in the pursuit of the Fez for several previous BDD seasons, entered the championships with an undefeated 2013 season. But BDD’s newest home team, the Arkham Horrors, was the new terror in town. Despite less time skating together than the other teams, they had been strengthening throughout the season and were coming from their playoff defeat of the Nutcrackers with a lot of momentum. The teams were well-matched and the championship bout was intense, close, and low-scoring. The first five jams saw the Horrors dominate the score board as they took lead jammer status all five times. Flyin’ King, MC Slamher, and Wanda Herchu (Co-Captain) racking up 25 points, and held the Cosmos to one single point put up in the first jam by Artoo Detoonate.


The Horrors opened the game with strong blocking; Fuzzta Rhymes, America Ferocious, Dolly Spartan, Hayley Contagious (Co-Captain), Crazy Dukes, and Rainbow Crash shut down several Cosmo jammers in a row. But a power jam in the Cosmonaughties’ favor was able to turn the tide in the sixth jam. Elle L. Cool Jam scored 15 points before calling it off and giving HardCore (still on a power jam) a chance to put up 15 more points, thus bringing the score to 31-25 Cosmos. The lead was immediately taken back by the Horrors, however, when Flyin’ King was handed a power jam. A Cosmo wall of Vixen TaHitCha, Jackie K.O., Badass Mama, and Slam Chowdah slowed her efforts, but the score was now 43-31 Horrors.


The three jams that followed went scoreless. Although the Horrors took the lead in all three, their jammers were shut down by Space Invader (Co-Captain), Shayna Nestor, and Coopa Troopa. This allowed the Cosmos to have a chance at a comeback, and in the next jam, they started closing in on the score gap. With points put up by Elle, HardCore, Artoo, and Jackie K.O., the score stood at 50-43 in favor of the Cosmos in the sixteenth jam. But King took lead in the next jam and ended the Cosmo streak. She earned four points for the Horrors, and was followed by Lil Buckaroo and Wanda Herchu each putting up four points, as well. The Horrors now had the lead at 56-50, with strong blocking from Boston Creamher, Dolly Spartan, Rainbow Crash, and Hayley Contagious contributing to the shutting down of the Cosmo jammers.


The point gap was closed further in the next jam when HardCore earned four points for Science while the Horrors’ jammer was stuck behind Space Invader and Frenchie von Knuckles. Then, intense jammer-on-jammer action left the score at 56-54 Horrors.


A power jam for Elle brought the Cosmos back into the lead, although the scoring run was kept to just two-and-a-half passes by tough Horror defense from Dolly, Fuzz, and Dukes. The Cosmo lead grew with skilled jamming from HardCore and Artoo, but this momentum was shut down in the second-to-last jam of the half when Flyin’ King easily cut through the pack and put up 30 points. Hayley, Fuzz, Dukes, and Horror MVP America Ferocious neutralized the Cosmo jammer while Cosmo blockers streamed into the box. One more quick, 0-0 jammer chase and the half ended 86-76 Horrors.


The Cosmos wasted no time in the second half, closing the score to 86-85 Horrors in the first jam. With a 3-2 pack advantage, Space, Coops, and Nestor were able to hold King at bay while Elle picked up nine points. HardCore racked up 12 more points in the next jam while Tears for Phearsome and Tiny Dancer (Co-Captain) teamed up with Nestor and Vixen to hold MC Slamher to only two points. The Cosmos had now taken the lead 97-88. But Wanda Herchu quickly closed the gap to 97-92, and after Artoo and King traded short power jams, the score stood at 101-102 Cosmos. The score stayed close with both Slamher and Elle putting up points in the next jam, bringing the score to 108-109 Cosmos. A power jam for Wanda that was also handed to King gave the Horrors the lead-change they were looking for. But the game remained a close 123-112 since King had been slowed by Space, Vixen, and Celia Casket. The Cosmos climbed back into the lead with a run of lead jammers from Artoo, HardCore, and Elle, and formidable blocking from Space, Phearsome, and Tiny.


The Horrors were not, however, without blocking resources of their own with Hayley, Catherine the Irate, Beantown Brawler, and America Ferocious making the Cosmos’ climb into the lead particularly arduous. The score stood 129-127 Cosmos halfway through the second half. Both Wanda Herchu and Artoo Detoonate were sent to the box in the next jam, and when they returned to the track they had to fight for two minutes of point scoring. Wanda passed the star to pivot Hayley, and when the jam ended, the score was tied at 136. The Cosmos quickly pulled back into the lead when Elle racked up 11 points while Vixen, Coops, and Frenchie made life difficult for the Horrors jammers. The Cosmos managed to hang onto their lead for the next seven jams, although it remained narrow due to hard blocks from the Horrors and impressive jamming from Wanda and Slamher. Artoo, Elle, and HardCore contributed the majority of the points to the Cosmo lead, with MVP HardCore putting up 11 points at once against particularly hard Horror opposition from America, Dukes, and King.


Coming into the last minutes of the bout, the Cosmos led 161-152. When the Cosmo jammer was sent to the box with only two jams worth of time on the clock, we saw the second last-minute power jam lead change of the night. King earned ten points while being heavily blocked and slowed down by Vixen, Space, Slam Chowdah, and Coops, thus bringing the Horrors into the lead by a single point. The final jam saw MC Slamher take the track and the Cosmo jammer Frenchie standing in the box. Frenchie returned to the track and passed the star to pivot Vixen, who struggled to break out of the pack. Slamher earned lead jammer status, which allowed her to call the jam before Vixen could pick up any points, leaving the final score at 162 to 161, and BDD’s newest team, the Arkham Horrors, in possession of the 2013 Golden Fez Cup.


Written by Sarah Courtney (Wild Boardom)

Photos © Joe Medolo 2013

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