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December 13, 2014: Third Place Game – Nuts vs. Pissahs

The Wicked Pissahs and the Nutcrackers kicked off their last bout of the home team season on December 14th at Shriner’s Auditorium in Wilmington. The Pissahs took an early lead, with jammers like Stevie Nixher, Chicana, Sweet Enemy, Truant, and Rock scoring points off of the Nuts. The Pissahs’ blocking looked extra-sharp, and their jammers took full advantage of it. The Pissahs’ new recruit Sweet Enemy got through thanks to a gorgeous 3-wall helmed by Maully O’Fender. The Nutcrackers went hard against the Pissahs’ walls – Senora Slaughter rocketed across the track, bouncing off of blockers, and Wammy and Hard Times did excellent jobs of getting through the pack quickly on their initial passes.


The Nuts had a few streaks of getting lead jammer, but the Pissah defense was tough to beat. The jams came short and rough in the beginning and got longer as the game progressed, with both teams getting power jams. Dottie Danger performed some outstanding offense and helped get her jammer through on multiple occasions. She swung in seemingly out of nowhere and knocked blockers out of position. Still, the Pissahs held on to their lead, and the score reached 87-45 by halftime: not a high-scoring game, due to strong walls in the pack.


The dynamic packs showed how much both teams have been practicing: the bridging was tight and smartly done. The Nuts inched closer to the Pissahs’ score in the second half. Stevie Nixher made an apex jump to leave the Nuts’ blockers in the dust, but then Badonkey Kong swept in and knocked her about a mile out of bounds!

Womanimal heard the call and when she hit the track next, she repeatedly lapped the Pissah jammer. Then, when Hard Times got yet another power jam, the Nuts were looking like they could come from behind and win it! The score came to 170-159, the Pissahs up by eleven points, and in the final jam Dottie Danger called it off to thunderous cheers from the crowd. The Wicked Pissahs won but both teams went home proud.



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