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You want news about the Boston Derby Dames? Here’s where you’ll find the latest on our skaters, our bouts, scores, you name it.

Northeast Derby Convention

Did you know our very own Dee Stortion is also the owner of the Bruised Boutique in Nashua, NH, and the gal responsible for the upcoming Northeast Derby Convention? She’s a rock star. Unsurprisingly, many Boston skaters are going to …

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No Big Deal vs Strecker

No Big Deal vs Strecker Mass Maelstrom vs Magic City -Spring Roll 2013 NBD crawls from outside to inside track to gain advantage on Strecker. We love Mass Maelstrom (even if they did defeat us in April). And we love …

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NPR “Only a Game” Coverage of Boston Massacre v. Maelstrom Bout

Maybe it was the penalties. Maybe it was that spurt five minutes in to which Rammy Lammy referred. Whatever the reason, the men of the Central Massachusetts Maelstrom prevailed over the women of the Boston Massacre, 284-131. Maelstrom member Ryan …

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Fancy Feet

You know who else on our league has fancy feet? Mangle. Look at that lady blocking—WHILE JAMMING!—and using it to propel herself out of the pack.

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Anna’s Got the Moves

She’s not just called “Anna WrecksYa” for show, y’know.

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Bout Scores

Thanks to Maine Roller Derby for coming down to Beantown and giving us a run for our lobsters! The B Team and the All Star games were both close at half time, but Boston pulled away and secured two wins …

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Happy bout day to all of the skaters putting on their game faces right now!

BDD vs MRD doubleheader starts at 5:00pm, and tickets are still available at the door. Get your eyebrows ready! >:) From Maya Mangleyou and Jackie KO’s blog, thegifofderby:

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Boston Derby Dame’s Instagram Account

Psst. Did you know we have an Instagram? We totally do. And if you go to our bout against Maine TODAY (we still have tickets at the door!), you should tag any photos you post with #bostonderbydames and/or #itsderbytime. We’ll …

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Boston vs Maine Tomorrow!

Remember that hit Grim D. Mise gave Ginger Kid during our Boston/Maine matchup last year? C’mon, Grim… she’s just a kid! If you missed out last time, catch the rematch: Boston vs Maine, TOMORROW. Online ticket sales have closed, but there are …

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Our Practice Mascot

theheartofdixie: Post-practice puppy time! “He likes us because we all smell like dead animals”—best @badperson55 quote of the night! What’s better than a puppy after Massacre practice? Not much.

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