Boston Skyline Boston Derby Dames Boston's premier flat track roller derby. Founded 2005. A proud member of the WFTDA.

2019 Schedule

Want to know when your favorite teams are playing next, and where? Here's a list to our complete season and activities schedule for 2019.


Jan 12th: Home Team Season Opener (WILMINGTON, MA)

Game 1 Final: 199-126, Nutcrackers // Game 2 Final: 228-166, Wicked Pissashs

Feb 23rd: Home Team Double Header (WILMINGTON, MA)

Game 1 Final: 137-118, Wicked Pissahs // Game 2 Final: 195-107, Harbor Horrors

Mar 9th: Lobstah Roll Tournament (WILMINGTON, MA)

Mar 30th: Boston vs. Connecticut Roller Derby, Trumbull CT (AWAY)

Game 1 Final: 137-136, Boston B Party // Game 2 Final: 181-120, Boston Common

Apr 6th: Boston Massacre at Tea Party Tournament, Orangeville Ontario (AWAY)

Apr 27th: Home Team Double Header (EAST BOSTON, MA)

Game 1 Final: 194-151, Nutcrackers // Game 2 Final: 213-166, Wicked Pissahs

May 3rd: Boston Massacre at The Big O, Eugene OR (AWAY)

May 18th: Home Team Playoffs (WILMINGTON, MA)

Game 1 Final: 221-152, Wicked Pissahs // Game 2 Final: 203-160, Nutcrackers

Jun 1st: Boston Common vs. Killah Bees, Providence RI (AWAY)

Game 1 Final: 215-182, Killah Bees

Jun 15th: Home Team Championships (WILMINGTON, MA)

Game 1 Final: 182-133, Cosmonaughties // Game 2 Final: 158-147, Nutcrackers

Jun 23rd: Boston Common vs. Western Mass, Wilbraham MA (AWAY)

Game 1 Final: 260-79, Western Mass Furies

Jul 6th: Boston B-Party at The BMore Classic, Baltimore MD (AWAY)

Jul 13th: Boston Common vs. Bloody Bordens, Fairhaven MA (AWAY)

Game 1 Final: 266-171, Boston Common

Jul 20th: Boston Common vs. Cape Code, West Barnstable MA (AWAY)

Game 1 Final: 180-125, Boston Common

Aug 3rd: Boston Triple Header (WILMINGTON, MA)

Aug 10th: Boston Common vs. Granite State, Concord NH (AWAY)


Jan 12th: WFTDA Officiating Clinic in a Box

Jan 13th: BRD All Stars Boot Camp

Jun 18th: Flatbread Pizza Fundraiser Night

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