Boston Skyline Boston Derby Dames Boston's premier flat track roller derby. Founded 2005. A proud member of the WFTDA.

2018 Schedule

Want to know when your favorite teams are playing next, and where? Here's a list to our complete season and activities schedule for 2018.


Jan 20th: Home Team Season Opener (WILMINGTON, MA)

Game 1 Final: 209-170, Wicked Pissahs // Game 2 Final: 286-226, Cosmonaughties

Feb 24th: Home Team Double Header (WILMINGTON, MA)

Game 1 Final: 272-197, Nutcrackers // Game 2 Final: 243-196, Wicked Pissahs

Apr 14th: Home Team Double Header (WILMINGTON, MA)

Game 1 Final: 242-194, Wicked Pissahs // Game 2 Final: 224-222, Cosmonaughties

Apr 28th: Boston Massacre at Southern Discomfort, Columbia SC (AWAY)

May 5th: Home Team Playoffs (CAMBRIDGE, MA)

Game 1 Final: 180-160, Wicked Pissahs // Game 2 Final: 255-205, Cosmonaughties

May 19th: Boston vs. Providence, West Warwick RI (AWAY)

Game 1 Final: 307-121, Providence Killah Bees // Game 2 Final: 200-128, Boston B Party

Jun 2nd: Boston vs. Garden State & Gotham (CAMBRIDGE, MA)

Game 1 Final: 230-64, Boston B Party // Game 2 Final: 310-67, Boston Massacre

Jun 16th: Boston vs. Mass Attack, Fairhaven MA (AWAY)

Game 1 Final: 278-147, Boston B Party // Game 2 Final: 238-180, Bloody Bordens

Jun 23rd: Home Team Championships (WILMINGTON, MA)

Jul 21st: Boston Common vs. Granite State, Concord NH (AWAY)

Game 1 Final: 116-108, Boston Common

Aug 4th: Boston vs. Orangeville (WILMINGTON, MA)

Game 1 Final: -, Stars // Game 2 Final: 239-128, Boston Massacre

Aug 11th: Boston Common at All Eight on the Floor, Auburn MA (AWAY)

Aug 17th: Boston Massacre at North American East Cup, Kalamazoo MI (AWAY)


Feb 10th: BRD Watch Party at Navigation Brewing Company

Feb 25th: BRD All Stars Boot Camp

Apr 11th: Roller Derby Adult Night at Legoland Discovery Center

Aug 14th: Meet and Greet at Democracy Brewing

Dec 5th: Season Opener Party & Team Reveal

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