Boston Skyline Boston Derby Dames Boston's premier flat track roller derby. Founded 2005. A proud member of the WFTDA.

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Join the BDD Officials Crew

  We’re not just looking for talented skaters—if you dream about WFTDA rules, are dying to know how a jammer can score six points on a pass, or you’re just curious about roller derby, come hang out with our officials …

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Special Guest

theheartofdixie: Baby duck. Wasn’t impressed with the Viking helmet. We had a baby duck visit us for team photo day. He was adorable.

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June 15: Home Team Season Begins!

It’s the moment roller derby fans have been waiting for… the start of the 2013 home team season! And we have a heck of a season lined up for you. BUY YOUR TICKETS TODAY! 2013 marks the debut of our …

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August: Tryouts for the Boston Derby Dames

We were all beginners once. (Yes, even our all-stars.) Put some skates on, and you too could be skating with BDD. Our next session for new and transfer skaters starts in August—sign up for it here!

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Northeast Derby Convention

Did you know our very own Dee Stortion is also the owner of the Bruised Boutique in Nashua, NH, and the gal responsible for the upcoming Northeast Derby Convention? She’s a rock star. Unsurprisingly, many Boston skaters are going to …

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NPR “Only a Game” Coverage of Boston Massacre v. Maelstrom Bout

Maybe it was the penalties. Maybe it was that spurt five minutes in to which Rammy Lammy referred. Whatever the reason, the men of the Central Massachusetts Maelstrom prevailed over the women of the Boston Massacre, 284-131. Maelstrom member Ryan …

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Fancy Feet

You know who else on our league has fancy feet? Mangle. Look at that lady blocking—WHILE JAMMING!—and using it to propel herself out of the pack.

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Bout Photos: Massacre v Maine

Our league photographer, JOE MEDOLO, always makes us look good! Check out the rest of his shots from our game against MRD for more eye candy! If it all seems too unreal… then you’ll just need to see it to believe …

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Anna’s Got the Moves

She’s not just called “Anna WrecksYa” for show, y’know.

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Bout Scores

Thanks to Maine Roller Derby for coming down to Beantown and giving us a run for our lobsters! The B Team and the All Star games were both close at half time, but Boston pulled away and secured two wins …

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