Boston Skyline Boston Derby Dames Boston's premier flat track roller derby. Founded 2005. A proud member of the WFTDA.

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Boston Derby Dame’s Instagram Account

Psst. Did you know we have an Instagram? We totally do. And if you go to our bout against Maine TODAY (we still have tickets at the door!), you should tag any photos you post with #bostonderbydames and/or #itsderbytime. We’ll …

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Boston vs Maine Tomorrow!

Remember that hit Grim D. Mise gave Ginger Kid during our Boston/Maine matchup last year? C’mon, Grim… she’s just a kid! If you missed out last time, catch the rematch: Boston vs Maine, TOMORROW. Online ticket sales have closed, but there are …

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Our Practice Mascot

theheartofdixie: Post-practice puppy time! “He likes us because we all smell like dead animals”—best @badperson55 quote of the night! What’s better than a puppy after Massacre practice? Not much.

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Introducing…The Arkham Horrors!

The skaters have spoken: BDD’s fourth home team will be named… The Arkham Horrors. Get your cthulhu costumes ready.

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Massacre vs Bronx Gridlock highlight reel

Tears for Phearsome made this masterpiece of a video with highlights of our game against GGRD’s Bronx Gridlock. Just sit back and let it blow your mind. If this just isn’t enough and you want to feast your eyes on …

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May 18th: Massacre vs Maine Port Authorities

Our New England showdown is next Saturday, May 18th against the Maine Port Authorities. We may be opponents on the track, but we’re united in our love of roller derby AND LOBSTERS! Don’t miss out on this East Coast battle… Get …

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Ginger Kid’s “Missed Connection”

Everyone loves Ginger Kid! She didn’t just win MVP of the Bronx v Boston game last Saturday; she also won MVP of the hearts and minds of America. Or, at least the heart and mind of one fan in particular… …

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“Wicked Local” covers Roller Derby

This is roller derby, a sport that players and fans describe as elegant. Strategic. Competitive. Female-positive. Surprisingly beautiful. Thanks to Wicked Local for their sweet article about the sport of roller derby in Boston. We had so much fun and …

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Massacre vs Bronx Gridlock photos

Our amazing league photographer, JOE MEDOLO, took these shots of the Boston Massacre’s game against GGRD’s Bronx Gridlock. Check out the rest of his set for more photography magic! If you want to catch the action in person, come to …

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Massacre vs Gridlock bout results

Did you come to our game in Cambridge against the Bronx Gridlock yesterday? If you did, we hope you had a lot of fun watching an intense matchup between Boston and New York! Food trucks, T-accessible roller derby, and old …

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