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A Message From Our Fans

This message brought to you by our tiny Boston Derby Dames fans, who are awesome, and we hope to see at our game on Saturday. Girls do rule, tiny fans. Especially when they’re on roller skates.

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Sweet Moves Rose City!

Rose City, you know we love you. And we thought this move Mutch Mayhem pulled off during your game against Bay Area was pretty sweet. But we hate to break it to you… #sharkweekdoesitbetter Don’t believe us, Tumblr? Come watch …

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One Fund Donation

Thanks to everyone who donated to the One Fund at last Saturday’s bout. We’re happy to report that we’ll be contributing almost two hundred dollars! Our head of bout production, Sticky, wrote a wonderful speech about Boston, the Marathon, and …

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Bout Results

Tonight’s bouts were INTENSE. Great, high-level playing from every team on the track. We hope those of you who came enjoyed yourselves; for those of you who missed out this time around, did you know we have a bout NEXT …

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Boston Derby Dames 4/27 Program

Boston Derby Dames 4/27 Program Did you know you can view the program for tonight’s bout ONLINE? I know. The future is magical. Check out who’s playing tonight and give our sponsors a little love.

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It’s Bout Day Today!

ninjahijackyou: BOUT DAY NAILS. America. Boston. Roller Derby. In addition to being an awesome skater, Elle L Cool Jam consistently breaks the record for “coolest bout day nails.” Come check out her nails and her sweet skating TODAY at Shriners …

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Upcoming Bouts: April 27th and May 4th

As you can see, we’ve been flyering all over the place in anticipation of our April 27 bout in Wilmington and our VERY FIRST Cambridge bout on May 4. To the woman and her kids who chanted “Boston, Boston, pinch …

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Venue Map

Are you coming to our roller derby doubleheader against Western Mass and the guys of Mass Maelstrom on Saturday? You should be. It’s going to be awesome. And as proof of the awesomeness: Check out our brand-new venue map, designed …

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Sponsor: Boston Sports Medicine

Happy Wednesday, roller derby fans! We wanted to give a special shout-out to our newest 2013 sponsor, Boston Sports Medicine, who wrote a lovely blog about us and the sport of roller derby. If you live in the Boston area, …

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Boston Strong

Though our league was thankfully unscarred by the events of last week, our thoughts go out to our wonderful city and the victims of the bombings. We love you, Boston. (And we hope to have a One Fund Boston donation bucket at …

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