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Harbor Horrors

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It was just an average day in Somerville… until a Cosmo and a Nut accidentally opened a portal into another dimension. In came the Harbor Horrors—they harnessed the dark power of interdimensional travel, corrupted two members of BRD in their evil ways, and will stop at nothing until they win the Fez Cup for their ancient masters.

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2017 Roster

Elektra Cute

MC Slamher

America Ayala


Beantown Brawler

Boston Cream-Her

Della Kinetic

Flyin’ King

Fuzzta Rhymes

Kacie McLean

Little Debbie DownHer

Loch Tess Monstah

Rachel Tensions

Rainbow Crash

Surly Temple


Tiger Eye

Trauma in the D.R.

2016 Roster
The 2016 Horrors

Beantown Brawler (co-captain) • MC Slamher (co-captain) • America Ferocious • Boston CreamHer • Della Kinetic • Elektra Cute • Feowolf • Flyin’ King • Fuzzta Rhymes • Kacie McLean • Little Debbie DownHer • Tiger Eye • Trauma in the D.R. • Rachel Tensions • The Kat’s PaJAMas

2015 Roster

The 2015 Horrors. Photo by Joe Medolo

MC Slamher (co-captain) • Rainbow Crash (co-captain) • America Ferocious • Beantown Brawler • Boston CreamHer • Catherine the Irate • Della Kinetic • Dolly Spartan • Elektra Cute • Feowulf • Five Penny • Flyin’ King • Fuzzta Rhymes • Hook • Kacie McLean • Tiger Eye • Trauma in the D.R. • Wednesday Atoms • Rachel Tensions • The Kat’s PaJAMas

2014 Roster

2014 Arkham Horrors - Photo by Joe Medolo

America Ferocious (co-captain) • MC Slamher (co-captain) • Beantown Brawler • Boston CreamHer • Captain Hook • Catherine the Irate • Della Kinetic • Dolly Spartan • Flyin’ King • Fuzzta Rhymes • Hayley Contagious • KC Waste’em • Rainbow Crash • Tiger Eye • Trauma in the D.R. • Wednesday Atoms

2013 Roster

2013 Arkham Horrors - Photo by David Morris

Hayley Contagious (co-captain) • Wanda Herchu (co-captain) • America Ferocious • Beantown Brawler • Boston CreamHer • Catherine the Irate • Craisy Dukes • Della Kinetic • Dolly Spartan • Flyin’ King • Fuzzta Rhymes • KC Waste’em • Laura Hook • Little Buckaroo • MC SlamHer • Rainbow Crash • Trauma in the D.R.

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